Jennifer Oladipo



“I really love working among different groups and communities and bringing them together in one way or another, whether in person or around a conversation that happens in print. As a journalist, the best times are when I can really get into somebody else’s world and then try to communicate the fullness of that experience on the page. It’s fun…I think I have a knack for wandering off the beaten path and coming back with some goodies now and then. “


Other than a few stints here and there when Jennifer was too busy with Americorps, grad school, or serving as Program Coordinator at the Upcountry History Museum, she’s done journalism. Her first journalism gig was through a program The Greenville News had for high school students. Her first freelance gig was for the Mauldin paper when she was 16-years old interviewing Edwin McCain. She got paid $25.

She ushers with her husband at the Warehouse Theatre in her spare time, and she also volunteers with TedX Greenville Salons. “It’s a nice scene for somebody who’s new or coming back, or wanting to see this community in a different way,” she says.

Other things she enjoys: travel (though she says doesn’t need to go too far for its reward), watching contemporary dance videos, hovering around the magazines at the bookstore, hiking, quality food, hats, sunshine, and hanging out with her husband and the kind of close friends who don’t clean up before she comes over.