Sherry Jackson


I love talking to the talented and diverse people that we have here in the Upstate and relaying it to our readers…I love the friendliness of the people and the willingness to get along with everyone. I absolutely LOVE our downtown–it’s what made me say okay to moving here from Texas eight years ago.”


Sherry has been a writer off and on most of her life, with over 15 years experience in technical and general interest writing. She began her first full-time writing position when she joined the Journals in May 2013.

She loves that every day in community reporting brings something new, whether it’s interviewing a new business owner or attending a city council meeting. One of her favorite parts of the job is ”the challenge of researching and gathering information and making it into something enjoyable and informative for our readers.”

An Arizona native, Sherry is an avid hiker and explorer of nearby trails; she recently completed a hiking guide to the Upstate that will be published this fall.

When asked what she can’t live without, she says, “My chocolate milk every morning. It’s my coffee substitute and I’m grumpy without it!”