Whitney Fincannon



“It sounds nerdy, but I love putting my pop culture knowledge to use, or forcing myself to remember science and math tidbits that I haven’t had to use for years.”


Whitney relocated to “the other Greenville” from Greenville, North Carolina after her husband took a job with the Fine Arts Center in 2011.

She spent a year designing invitations at a stationary and gift shop before Community Journals reached out to her about an open graphic design position. “I was really excited at the possibility of being part of something so committed to the community. Still relatively new to the Upstate, it was a great opportunity to get to know my new home,” she says.

She says of her strengths as a designer: “Invitation design is where I’ve really made my niche, so far. Although, I think my knack is really for clean, clear design. I am pretty passionate about type/typography. I appreciate the challenge of finding the right typeface for a design, and the added challenge of keeping things fresh–not overusing anything. My work is great in that it provides me with fresh challenges on a daily basis.”

When not at work, the devoted trivia player enjoys spending time at home with her husband Rod, dog Stella, and cat Frito. She also enjoys taking day trips to the mountains or other nearby towns and cities.