Mark B. Johnston

Mark B. Johnston


“What I love most about Greenville is its wonderful blend of southern heritage mixed with a very cosmopolitan and diverse culture. And its fantastic future.”

Founder, Publisher, and President of Community Journals, the company simply wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Mark’s vision, hard work and initiative. A self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” he left the newspaper that lured him from St. Louis to Greenville to create what both readers and advertisers were asking for.

“I remember January 1999 like it was yesterday,” he says. “Readers were saying they wanted more local news and advertisers were saying they needed a more targeted advertising vehicle. So, with the help of Doug Greenlaw, we developed a model that gave both these groups what they were asking for–the Greenville Journal.”

He is dedicated to producing the Journals’ high-quality, accurate, informative, balanced and interesting group of publications that serve Greenville’s vibrant, growing market.

Says Mark, “I feel Greenville is a better place to live and work because we are here…Readers tell us constantly that they look forward to receiving the Journal every week and read it ‘cover-to-cover.’ It doesn’t get any better than that! Our advertisers tell us that we provide exceptional customer service, are true marketing partners and their ads produce for them. It doesn’t get much better than that either!”

The father of four sons, Mark is an advocate of children and advancement of the arts in our community. You can find him on the weekends with his sons or wife, Donna; riding one of his bikes; or in his beautiful yard, relaxing with a glass of Scotch, mowing, or taming it with one item he says he cannot live without–his wire fan rake.