Paul Mehaffey

Paul Mehaffey


“I most enjoy learning about and from others. Visual Expression. Seeing new things.”

Paul is an Upstate visionary, and in our pages provides an exceptional way of seeing the community that justifiably invokes its liveliness and diversity. His artistic direction of both TOWN and AT HOME magazines offers an unparalleled eye for mixing the illusory and dream-like with the commonplace. The effects of Paul’s unique style of display—through both photography and page layout–continually surprise even us with every new project, leaving viewers awash in awe and appreciation of the place we choose to call home.

Paul brought his talents to Community Journals over three years ago as a member of the editorial team that created TOWN (Jack Bacot and Editor-in-Chief Blair Knobel). The package deal had previously been senior editorial staff of the attractive G Magazine before it folded.

“I love working with a team who shares the passion of educating our community about the community,” Paul says.

He’s best known for food photography that magnifies the texture, color, architecture and desirability of cuisine, along with engrossing page layout that is at once simplistic yet stimulating; bold yet clean.

He’s also the man behind the lens for many of the images featured on this site, including our staff photos.

“I love capturing someone’s personality in an image,” he affirms.

A Travelers Rest native, what most excites Paul about the contributions he’s able to make working for a local publisher is the opportunity to visually showcase the environment and community we live in. “Everyone is from everywhere,” he says about why he loves the Upstate. “The population is always interested in making our community even better. “

When he’s not working for Community Journals or conquering freelance photography and design projects, Paul hangs out with wife Erin, enjoying bike rides and ethnic food or savoring a big Sunday breakfast alongside a documentary.