Abby Moore Keith

Abby Moore Keith


Abby’s role with Community Journals began as an intern with TOWN Magazine in 2015. After her internship ended, she continued on as a contributing writer, and in the spring of 2016 joined the TOWN team in a more permanent editorial role. At TOWN, she’s known for her nitpicking editing tendencies and word-arranging prowess.

A UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Abby not only received a bachelor’s in journalism and global studies in 2012, she also left Carolina with a diehard, eternal passion for Tarheel basketball. Since graduation she’s dabbled in fields ranging from communications to furniture painting, but finally settled in the freelance writing realm in 2014. She’s worked with various local and national companies; her writing has been featured in Darling Magazine and she won the 2016 Emrys/Hub City Press essay award in nonfiction.

Abby is married to a Texan named Sam, and they enjoy attempting to tame their German shorthaired pointer, Gus. She also enjoys hiking, kayaking, and a good cup of coffee. When it comes to writing, Abby likes to explore themes of faith, culture, and history and how they shape people’s stories. She considers it a high honor to work with Community Journals and the TOWN team, and when asked what she loves about her job, Abby says it all comes down to the people.

“Every day I get to work with some of the most gifted, imaginative people I’ve ever met, and every month we get to design the most artistic, sophisticated, and quality magazine in the area. As a professional creative, there are few things more inspiring to me.”