Intern Introductions: Meet Kamber


Meet Kamber Parker, our editorial and digital content intern this summer. She’s the one standing on her head in the picture above. In her own words, “Kind of strange, and I’m not usually that funny, but something inspired me when I was getting my picture taken.” – Get to know a little more about Kamber below.


What’s your favorite thing about working in media/media as an industry?

I came to Greenville in 2013 when I started my freshmen year at Furman and now, weirdly enough, I’ll be starting my senior year in the fall. I’m a Communication Studies and Political Science double major and I love using media to convey what is going on in the world both at local and national levels. My double major brings the two close together, and is why I knew media was something I wished to pursue early on.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

A fun fact about me is that I love my kindle. During my free time, you can find me reading anything and everything. My favorite book right now is Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo. It’s set in India and is a wonderful story—I recommend it. You can also find me running in the mornings or late at night (I’m still getting used to the South Carolina summer heat!) or hanging out with my friends at Furman. I also am a certified U.S. Powerboating instructor, so if you ever want to learn how to drive a boat, I’m your girl.


What’s the last great event/trip/concert/outing you attended, and why was it so great?

Recently my friends and I decided to be spontaneous, so we went to a high school rodeo right outside of Travelers Rest. Sure, we stuck out like sore thumbs, especially when I bought my rodeo hat to “fit in”, but it was one of my favorite memories at Furman. It was quite the experience, and I loved the community feel and it’s something I’ll never get tired of in the South, specifically in Greenville.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

I once read that mornings hold the key to taking control of our schedules. I’ve tried to live by that ever since and it has significantly impacted the quality of my days. Whether I start the day with a run or something else productive, I know I will be more relaxed and ready to make my day a more successful one.


Community Journals has already made me think much about what I want to do when I graduate next year, and I look forward to my last month in the office!

Intern Introduction: Meet Lee

LeeMowery_2Meet our digital intern, Lee Mowery. He’s a rising sophomore Communication Studies major on track to graduate from Furman in May 2018.

Check out what Lee has to offer. 

What’s your favorite thing about working in media/media as an industry? 

My favorite thing about working in the media is the flexibility and all the various venues there are for professions. I am a person who hates being put into a box and told this is what you are going to do forever. I changed my mind constantly when trying to pick a major. Communications has allowed a lot of doors to be open as well as expand on my educational pursuit. With communications I still have the freedom to pursue the other majors I love, but do not have the time to pursue. I want to be able to experience a lot of various jobs, peoples and travel. With a degree in communications and a focus in media I truly feel like that is possible.


What’s your favorite stuff to read (sites/magazines/books/whatever)?

I am a huge book nerd, whenever I have a vacation from school I read as much as I can. My favorite books to read are by comedians; Chelsea Handler is a genius in my opinion and never fails to make me laugh. Her most recent book Uganda be Kidding Me will have you laughing every page. Sadly, I do not have time to read throughout the school year, other than textbooks and those are just boring. So, I find myself constantly reading Snapchat news stories, especially Daily Mail and People. I think Snapchat is doing fantastic as one of the new faces of social media. Their news stories are short, factual and interesting and if I do not find the “covers” interesting I scroll right past them.


What’s the last great event/trip/concert/outing you attended, and why was it so great? 

I am a huge music festival fan and it is all because of my first festival in 2014. I did not do a beach week with my friends, what I did do is get two of my best friends together and camp out for four days listening to over a hundred bands. It is full submersion into music, dancing, camping and all around good time. Over the course of a couple days I got to see the Foo Fighters, Outkast, Jack Johnson, Pretty Lights, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, Childish Gambino and many more. It is so great because there is nothing else on earth like a music festival. There is all this energy and happiness for four full days, they are exhilarating and life changing. I would recommend going to at least one music festival, where you camp (camping makes the festivals what it is no matter how disgusting you feel everyday) let loose, have fun and love life.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? 

“Doing the right thing won’t always be easy, but it will be right.” Words to live by in my opinion. My dad told me this early on in high school and it prevented me from falling into a lot of sticky situations.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 

I was the not so proud owner of a ferret.

Intern Introductions Part IV: Meet Susana

MeetSusanaLast but not least in the introductions of our current crop of interns, we present you Susana Shetler–a Texas girl who found her way to Furman, where she’s a senior studying Spanish and film.

We knew she was a keeper when she told us Santa brought her Final Cut Pro for Christmas.

She’s produced a variety of videos across our brands this summer. You may have seen her on the streets downtown with a mic in her hand, asking the locals their views on hot topics. (Next time stop and say hi!)


What’s your favorite thing about working in media/media as an industry?

My favorite thing about the media is how powerful it is. A video, story, ad, magazine– they are all forms of expressions that can make people feel. Whether it’s covering a news story or a picture in a magazine, the way the journalist or photographer conveys their work can generate certain emotions. Media has the ability to capture certain moments in life all around us and how it is so easily shared.


What’s your favorite stuff to read?

I definitely prefer to read books. I always try to have one book to read at all times. Whether I read it in a day or a month, I feel like reading for pleasure is the best way to pass free time. But I really will read anything– from my favorite books over and over again, to the back of medicine bottles (yes, that tiny font that no one reads). I consider myself to be a very curious person. I enjoy reading random interesting facts and will google anything that I will question.


How lucky are you and why?

Although I am guilty for complaining from time to time… I would consider myself to be very lucky. I am healthy, have a loving family and great friends that are very supportive, am getting a great education, and live in a place where I have the opportunity to succeed.


What’s the last great event/trip/concert/outing you attended, and why was it so great?

There is an annual party I attend with my family on New Years Eve. It is outdoors and on the beach. The ambiance, food, music and people is what make it so great! I usually attend this party every year with my mom’s whole side of the family, which is numerous: my parents and siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and many cousins.  It is a formal affair, where we get to  dress up, and enjoy a delicious sit down meal. At midnight there are fireworks over the ocean and then its fun to see everyone, young and old, out on the dance floor until the sun comes up, celebrating a new year. Every year it seems to out do the last in most memorable event.


How does the internet work?

This is a very interesting question. And like I stated above, of course I googled it just to find long articles talking about nodes, clients and servers… Needless to say I still don’t really understand it. However, I began to think about the main purposes that the internet serves: research, social media, entertainment, which are all tied together by communication . Without communicating, the internet could not even serve its purpose. So when it comes down to it…people are what make the internet work.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten/favorite life quote?


“If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.” –Winnie the Pooh

I love this quote because when I first read it I just laughed. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized all the different messages that this quote conveys. First of all, and the most obvious, is to not let other people get to you. If people don’t give you the time a day, they don’t deserve yours. But also, you never really know what is going on in other peoples lives, which brings me to the second thing I get out of this quote: giving people the benefit of the doubt. But the best thing that it has taught me is to not take life so seriously. Its going to have its ups and downs, but you have to find a way to just enjoy it and like I did with this quote, just laugh.




Intern Introductions Part III: Meet Lena


Third up in overdue introductions: Meet our second digital intern, Lena Pringle. Like Danielle, she’s also a senior Communication Studies major on track to graduate from Furman in May 2015–and a former digital communications student of our digital strategist, Emily, as well.

Lena provides digital content support for a variety of projects–UBJ, Greenville Journal, the Community Journals brand itself & a new site for TOWN currently under construction.

What’s your favorite thing about working in media/media as an industry?

My favorite thing about working in media is that you have the power to control how things are seen. It is also very fun to be in charge of such a creative aspect that people see and use daily. It makes you feel important.

What’s your favorite stuff to read (sites/magazines/books/whatever)?

I really enjoy reading those quirky blogs about life and relationships. It almost seems like someone has figured some aspects of life out so it gives me hope that I can do the same. Lame? Yes I know but there are some really good articles and blogs out there.

How lucky are you and why?

In my opinion, I am very lucky and blessed! I have been given a beautiful life to live and have had the privilege of experiencing a wide range of things in only a short 21 years.

What’s the last great event/trip/concert/outing you attended, and why was it so great?

The last greatest trip I’ve been on was a trip to New Zealand during the month of May with my school for a May Experience course with my school. The course was called Communication, Identity, and Culture in New Zealand. The trip was amazing! I had never been to that part of the hemisphere of the world before so that coupled with the bungy jumping, the zorb-ing, and the many different types of beer made for a wonderful trip and an unforgettable experience.

How does the internet work?

The internet works by giving one what they want. Whether that is done by answering a question, showing a picture, analyzing a fact, and/or providing the “truth” the internet is simply a giver that never gets mad at how much it gives.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten, OR favorite life quote?

The best of advice I’ve ever gotten is ” to whom much is given, much is required.” This has always motivated me to work hard and never take anything I have for granted.

Intern Introductions Part II: Meet Danielle


Next up in overdue introductions: Meet our TOWN & UBJ digital intern, Danielle Car. She’s a senior Communication Studies major on track to graduate from Furman in May 2015.

(Fun fact: She’s also a former digital communications student of our digital strategist, Emily.)

Check out what Danielle has to offer.

What’s your favorite thing about working in media/media as an industry?

My favorite thing about working in media is the freedom and flexibility to produce creative work. There are so many different social media platforms in this day and age; the ways in which a company can connect with their target audiences is infinite. I believe that there is a social media tool for every individual. My personal favorite is Instagram, a social media tool that allows users to capture and share moments through photographs. They do say a picture is worth 1,000 words… and while it may be tricky to translate a verbal message into a visual image, if you’re successful you can open many doors to opportunities.

What’s your favorite stuff to read (sites/magazines/books/whatever)?

As a digital strategist intern I spend a lot of time on the computer, so the majority of stuff I read is online. As far as my favorite type of stuff to read, I’d have to say lifestyle blogs — my favorite being Why? In my free time enjoy cooking, working out, and reading; this site provides me with tons of resources on all three of these things. I can find new recipes, workouts, and reads all in one place – not to mention her site is visually appealing and user-friendly.

How lucky are you and why?

I do believe that I am really lucky, but would argue that it isn’t my luck that brings me happiness and success. I was lucky enough to have been raised in an environment where continuous improvement was always encouraged. This attitude has become engrained into my own daily processes and has helped me overcome obstacles and achieve great things, ultimately leading to my happiness and success. I am lucky to know that anything is possible as long as you take action and work for it! It’s that belief that keeps me motivated to be the best that I can possibly be.

What’s the last great event/trip/concert/outing you attended, and why was it so great?

I don’t know if you could necessarily call this a “trip,” but my favorite and most memorable experience was living in Sofia, Bulgaria for my freshman and sophomore years of high school. My favorite part about living over there was the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe. The most important thing that I got from that experience was my sense of independence and my ability to adapt quickly. Reflecting on that experience, I now know that I can handle any situation that is thrown at me. — I mean I survived relocating to, what was at the time, a backwards country for my first two years of high school and managed to thrive in a way that I don’t think I would have had I stayed and gone to high school in my hometown.

How does the internet work?

How does the Internet work? Good question… I know that the Internet’s job is to connect different networks together, whether that is through satellites, wires, or fiber optic cables – thank you Mass Communications class. In terms of how this happens, here is my theory: I think that when a message is sent from one network to another, the message is broken up into a billion tiny pieces; those pieces are transmitted through space; and then the pieces are reassembled into the original message on the other network. I believe that breaking up the information allows it to be transmitted faster. That’s my theory.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

“Never wait for things to happen, make them happen for yourself.” Thank you Dad! This piece of advice has helped me go for what I want and never give up. I’m convinced that good things don’t just happen, but rather good things are waiting for you to catch them.

Intern Introductions, Part I: Meet Erin

It’s about time we debuted our talented crop of summer interns.

After all, we know attracting the right talent is the key to organizational success, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of our interns’ skill and contributions.

Meet our TOWN editorial intern, Erin Cullum. She’s a 2014 UNC at Chapel Hill grad with a BA in Communication and Media Studies and an English minor.

Instagram | @eec910

Twitter | @erin_cullum

Read the Q&A with her below, and be sure to follow her on social to see what else she has to offer!


What’s your favorite thing about working in media/media as an industry?

My favorite thing about working in the media industry is that all of it–magazines, online sites, social media, videos–is what people look forward to doing when they get off work. I get to do it as my actual work. I’ve always found the most satisfaction from a good cup of coffee and a great magazine, so I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

What’s your favorite stuff to read?

Brunch menus. Also, women’s magazines and food magazines; a few favorites are Bon AppétitMarie Claire, and yes, Cosmopolitan. I’ll never pass up a Jodi Picoult novel or an opportunity to reread Catcher in the Rye for the millionth time.

How lucky are you and why?

I’d say I’m pretty lucky. I’m an intern at a great magazine, I’ve got awesome family and friends, and I live half a mile from Whole Foods. What else do I need?

What’s the last great event/trip/concert/outing you attended, and why was it so great?

In March, I went to NYC with my school’s magazine group (Carolina Association of Future Magazine Editors) to visit magazine offices and pick the editors’ brains. We toured BridesHealthBon Appétit, and Parents . It was an amazing opportunity to be face-to-face with people whose shoes I’d one day love to fill.

How does the internet work?

Endless number of questions + endless number of answers + trolls = the Internet

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is from myself! It’s that I’ve realized to *chill* and not stress about figuring my whole life out by the age of 22. When I graduated my dad told me, “the world is your oyster,” and as cheesy as it is, he’s right! Don’t ever spend more time stressing about the future than you do enjoying the present–your life will figure itself out.

New site. New branding. New stuff to share (always).

by Emily Price | Digital Strategist


Welcome to the brand spankin’ new!

As our digital strategist, I am pleased to introduce to you an interactive and convenient way to familiarize yourself with the many products we provide Upstate consumers, all in one place.

There will continue to be a few tweaks here and there (forever and always because this is the internet, and its only constant is its fleeting nature), so bear with us. However even in this virtual presentation’s early stages, I think we can all agree that this collection of our local content makes you quite happy to share our beautiful and productive little corner of the Palmetto State, no?

I’m also pleased to unveil our new, modernized branding. We figured if we were expending all this blood, sweat and tears (and advancement of carpal tunnel syndrome) to carve out an intricately experiential and digital space for those interested in our family of brands, that we would spruce up our image in every way we could.

So by all means, please buckle up and take a tour of our sleek new site. Experience a selection of our award-winning writing, photography and graphic design, specifically curated to define the breadth of talents we have and subjects we cover.

Sense the splendor, polish and fellowship of our many community events. Familiarize yourself with our engagement in–and committal to–the community we share.

Meet our staff. Get to know us as the parent company of your favorite local publications, and let’s deliberate. Let’s examine. Let’s get together, kick around, toss about, compare notes, put our heads together and groupthink and make Upstate South Carolina the most impressive place to work and live in the country.




Let the community conversation commence! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site, both praise and constructive criticism. Shoot me an email (because together, we can do the most impressive things)!