New site. New branding. New stuff to share (always).

by Emily Price | Digital Strategist


Welcome to the brand spankin’ new!

As our digital strategist, I am pleased to introduce to you an interactive and convenient way to familiarize yourself with the many products we provide Upstate consumers, all in one place.

There will continue to be a few tweaks here and there (forever and always because this is the internet, and its only constant is its fleeting nature), so bear with us. However even in this virtual presentation’s early stages, I think we can all agree that this collection of our local content makes you quite happy to share our beautiful and productive little corner of the Palmetto State, no?

I’m also pleased to unveil our new, modernized branding. We figured if we were expending all this blood, sweat and tears (and advancement of carpal tunnel syndrome) to carve out an intricately experiential and digital space for those interested in our family of brands, that we would spruce up our image in every way we could.

So by all means, please buckle up and take a tour of our sleek new site. Experience a selection of our award-winning writing, photography and graphic design, specifically curated to define the breadth of talents we have and subjects we cover.

Sense the splendor, polish and fellowship of our many community events. Familiarize yourself with our engagement in–and committal to–the community we share.

Meet our staff. Get to know us as the parent company of your favorite local publications, and let’s deliberate. Let’s examine. Let’s get together, kick around, toss about, compare notes, put our heads together and groupthink and make Upstate South Carolina the most impressive place to work and live in the country.




Let the community conversation commence! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site, both praise and constructive criticism. Shoot me an email (because together, we can do the most impressive things)!