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Anita Harley


“Around the Journals I am the unofficial poet/songwriter. I love to write song parodies and poems for special occasions, and I have quite a collection of JOURNAL material! I am also the Director of First Impressions–I get to meet everyone who comes into the office, and I love that part of the job.”

Anita was tipped off about a client services job opening with Community Journals eight years ago by Jane Rogers, the company’s other Client Services Manager. “I jumped on it!” Anita says. “I came in for an interview with my wonderful boss, Holly [Hardin, Production Manager], and the rest is history!”

Born and raised in New York City, she spent 40 years there before her husband’s job transfer to Ohio and ultimately, Greenville, where she intends to stay “forever.” Perhaps it’s her big-city edge that informs Anita’s honesty with her clients about their advertising content and appeal. “Sometimes they really are looking for advice and don’t have any idea about what to include in an ad. I bend over backwards to help them. I try to be positive to make my clients feel like we are a team and that I am on their side.”

A former elementary and middle school teacher, the truly unforgettable Anita says Facebook has given her the opportunity to connect with many former students. “It has been so rewarding to hear what they remember about me and what I taught them. It has been an amazing and rewarding experience.”

Another rewarding experience for Anita: She once appeared on The $20,000 Pyramid with Dick Clark and won $10,000. “It was a hoot,” she says, “and if you beg me, I might even show you the tape!”

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