About This Project

Blair Knobel


Blair brought her integral aesthetic to Community Journals eight years ago as part of the editorial team that created TOWN, beginning first as managing editor to founding editor, Jack Bacot, then rising to the role of editor-in-chief in September 2012.

Prior to that, Blair acquired a BA in studio art from Furman University and worked in book publishing in New York City, as an editorial work scholar at Aperture Foundation, a nonprofit that supports fine art photography, then as an editorial project manager at an academic book publisher called Chelsea House.

Blair is known as a visionary of the TOWN brand. She is adept at conceptualizing and packaging; her love of a good pun; and for seeing small things, literally and figuratively, while also keeping an eye on the big picture.

She enjoys food and drink culture (particularly cooking or indulging in chef-inspired cuisine and mixology). She also finds satisfaction in sustainable living and being active outdoors, spiritual study and reflection, traveling, and (when there’s time for it) being domestic in her apartment.

“Freedom,” Blair replies when asked what she just can’t live without. And we certainly have no problem continuing to support her freedom to create.

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