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Holly Hardin


“Give me the mission, get out of my way and watch it flourish.” 

I keep the trains running on track and on time. I see the folks I am privileged to call my team as the rail cars, each carrying their portion of the load, but always connected and never to be derailed. I prefer to think of my position as the caboose. The last rail car serves as shelter for the crew, the conductor’s office and sometimes even the kitchen. By the time the caboose arrives the trip is complete–all I’s have been dotted and all T’s crossed. No caboose has ever arrived at the final destination without the front cars pulling their load. As John C. Maxwell has said, “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.”

My publishing career started at the Greenville News in 1986 as a Circulation District Manager. Several promotions allowed me to experience such opportunities as Zone Supervisor, Single Copy Sales Manager, and Product Development Sales Manager, but all of my responsibilities were after the product had printed. When the opportunity to work with the Journal presented itself in 2004, I jumped at the opportunity to be on the front-end of publishing. What a huge difference I discovered. Everything was totally new to me, and I was totally smitten with the idea of creating the product. Years later, I am still in love with what I do and blessed for the opportunity.

As an employee, I strive to live up to the work ethics instilled in me as a child. As a mom (someday grandma), my mission lies in passing along love, acceptance and kindness. As a humanitarian, I am passionate about people and human rights. I have been a licensed foster mom for the State of South Carolina and have housed 17 of our state’s most neglected little souls. Because I believe that blood is the gift of life, I am an avid blood platelet donor. Because many memories are made around a kitchen table, handing a meal to one of our elderly folks on our company’s Meals on Wheels route always fills my heart with warmth and gratitude. Serving a holiday meal to a homeless person has kept me grateful for the food and fellowship I share with my own family.

My family and I have watched the Upstate grow into a diverse and flourishing place to do business and call home.

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