About This Project

Kim Collier



I spend my life looking at usual things with unusual eyes.

That’s what I do everyday. I look at something typical and see it differently than most people – whether it is a photo or a logo or a description in type, I see it for how it feels, how it works, and what it’s purpose is. Most people ride down the road and see landscapes, people, structures – not me, I am quietly guessing which font is used on the billboards I have passed.

Being a graphic designer is not just what I do, but more so a part of who I am. I love taking a blank canvas and turning it into a piece of art. I fully believe that people can experience a “moment” in front of a famous painting but they can also experience the same type of “moment” in front of a great advertisement. Art is art and the only difference in painting and designing is the ink just never dries on digital design.

I have known since early in my high school days that behind a computer creating, designing, imagining is where I belonged. I love what I do and that passion shows through in my work and in my life, from the interior design I choose for my home to the designs I create for clients – creativity, imagination and art are as important to me as food, water and shelter are to other people.

In conclusion, just know that as I venture through the world with my unusual eyes I am definitely silently judging your font choices – some things will never change.

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