About This Project

Meredith Rice


Meredith oversees Community Journals’ community partnerships and ongoing support of local charities and community events.  She views her job as an adventure to be enjoyed.  What she loves most about her work—the People.  Just as Community Journals champions customer care, Meredith stands by offering upmost service and respect in all relationships.  Her work is dedicated to attention to detail and care for others.


Meredith values her personal time, too, for exploring creative outlets.  She’s often testing her green thumb at home and whipping up dishes with ginger and spice, if not skipping dinner altogether for gluten free sweets.  Her simple favorites—home made tortillas and vegan peanut butter cups (yes, she’ll share the recipe).  Whenever she gets the chance, you can find her on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, sitting around a bonfire with friends, or somewhere in the mountains.


Her advice to anyone who’ll listen:  “Find the Joy in your adventure, and you’ll enjoy it to its fullest.”

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