About This Project

Shannon Rochester


“I like completing a week with a feeling that I’ve done what is expected of me in my work and have also stretched a bit to complete an extra project or collected that extra dollar.”

Having worked in accounting for many years at a real estate agency, major business machine company and manufacturing company, Shannon sought a change with travel rating company 10best.com performing research and verification. While there, she received a tip about a job opening with Community Journals, and Shannon says, “I immediately liked the job place and the people, and I got back in the accounting game with a renewed interest in seeing what I could contribute.”

Since then Shannon has become known for “keeping it real” in customer service relationships, a skill she believes is also important “in keeping a compatible interaction with co-workers.”

She can’t stop talking about her grandchildren, and she says, “The most important thing in the world to me is my family–all of them–pets included! We enjoy being together and have such a great time celebrating life.”

Shannon is also a health and fitness guru and has had an Herbalife Distributorship on the side since 2002; she says one of the things she enjoys most about working with the Journals is breaking out at lunch for a walk in Falls Park. She also stays active by hiking in the state park just down the street from her home, swimming in her pool, working on yard projects and practicing yoga as much as possible.

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