About This Project

Will Crooks


One fine day in September 2014, Will Crooks decided to drop out of graduate school. A stellar student and recent graduate of Furman University, Will had just begun a masters of accountancy program at Clemson. However, he decided that he didn’t want to make an obscene amount of money as a CPA. Instead, he chose the path of a starving artist and dove head-first into a photography career.

Luckily, Will was already familiar with cameras and photography when he made that fateful decision. He discovered a love for photography 4 years ago when he started documenting street style via his blog, WAC Avenue. Through his blog, Will found a particular knack for portraiture. For him, the process of making a portrait is a way to authentically connect with people. It’s a collaborative effort between photographer and subject that, at its most sublime, reveals the truth of someone’s personality.

Now, Will Crooks has found a home at Community Journals as Visual Director for the Greenville Journal, the Upstate Business Journal, and AtHome. Ever the astute aesthete and philosopher, Will considers his job to be more than just taking pictures. It’s about creating a visual narrative.

Outside of the office, Will can be found eating exorbitant amounts of food with his squad. He also stays true to his roots as a street style photographer. If you’re lucky, you might even find him roaming the streets of downtown Greenville with a camera in hand. Some old habits die hard.

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