Tammy Smith


Tammy accepted an offer with Community Journals in 2000 upon returning to her hometown from a brief time in the Charlotte and Rock Hill area. Tammy graduated the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, with a BA in Communications Studies with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. While in school, she accepted a part time position with the Independent Cash Register Dealers Association as an office assistant. Within a month, she was working on the design team for the association’s member publications. Once graduated, she accepted a full-time position with ICRDA and stayed there until deciding to move back to Greenville.

After all these years, Tammy’s favorite part of the job is still working the puzzle every week. No, not the crossword puzzle, the puzzle of what will go where in layout, how the ads will fit, how the stories will fit, and how to make everyone happy with it all.

Tammy is the mother of two girls. Her oldest is a percussionist with the Wade Hampton High marching band and participated in the North Greenville Indoor youth percussion ensemble. Tammy finds herself a band mom these days and volunteers with the band wherever she is needed. She enjoys cooking with her youngest and frequently brags about the incredible dishes she is surprised to see from her. The thing that makes her happiest is watching her daughters become passionate about something ­– be it music or food or even Harry Potter. At home, Tammy enjoys reading, complaining about movies that do not follow the book, working puzzles, playing board games, and cooking. Her family is rounded out by their two rescue dogs – Boo, their 120-pound golden retriever and his little sister, Sully, a full-blooded mutt (who we are pretty sure has a lot of Jack Russell and Feist mixed in her, which is evident when she clears the couch from a dead standstill.)